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January 22, 2014 -
Winter, 2014

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Think Downtown

MULTIPLE CITIES, MULITPLE VOICES, ONE SOURCE. Chinatown Newspaper is an arts and culture based national publication amplifying the bold, unconventional voice of urban downtown communities. Modern and without reserve, Chinatown Newspaper provides the outlet to tell the stories that others won't.


Historically, Chinatowns have been the destination for those looking to create a new life and in search of cultural solidarity – and they haven’t changed much in that regard. Today, these organically grown downtown communities are increasingly multi-faceted, where the up and comers, the dreamers, the degenerates, the ethnically diverse and the everyday hustlers all coalesce to create a burgeoning industry of commerce and creativity. There’s no better way to move forward than to build here.

Chinatown Newspaper provides hip and professional hyper-local content, while connecting Downtowns / Chinatowns throughout the globe. Launched in 2009, Chinatown Newspaper is currently sharing news, stories, and events with locals and visitors in:



Every six-weeks the Chinatown Newspaper crew in HNL, PDX and SFO blitz the streets and personally distribute the newspaper to visitors, locals, transplants, shops, restaurants and bars/clubs within their given city. In addition, fifty percent of our distribution extends to other select areas to connect the rest of the city with the downtown area. In supporting local talent, our newspaper stands are routinely decked out with unique and individualized designs from selected local artists.* You can further inquire for distribution locations by contacting the crew in your specific city.

*Newsstands available only in PDX and HNL.

Distribution list in issues!


With over 30,000 copies distributed between Portland, OR, Honolulu, HI and San Francisco, CA, our potential readership is over 150,000 plus each issue. We strategically distribute 50% within the Downtown/ Chinatown areas while the other half is distributed around the rest of the city to connect readers to their Downtown/ Chinatown.

Web Circulation

More than 5,000 unique hits per month and growing.
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Multi-market advertising opportunities with Chinatown Newspaper between Portland, Honolulu, and San Francisco provide the most value for your investment. Advertising is 1/10th the cost of other newspapers and yet targeted to your niche market of a culturally diverse, edgy, creative, and professional demographic. In addition, we create a relationship with readers by using a personal, on the street, delivery approach that increases the advertising value within each market.

Target Market

Chinatown Newspaper is geared towards creatives looking for an outlet, for individuals who live, work and play within the area and who appreciate Downtown/Chinatown communities as breeding grounds for arts and culture. Our demographic is also the modern traveler seeking to learn and experience the area for what it is, uncensored. Chinatown Newspaper targets both young and established professionals who want to build and connect throughout our increasingly growing network.


Nella Media Group
36 N. Hotel St. Suite# A
Honolulu, HI 96817


Publisher  : Jason Cutinella

Editorial Director  : Lisa Yamada

Creative Director  : Ara Laylo

National Project Manager : Jill Miyashiro
Direct: 808.554.4543

VP Marketing & Advertising : Keely Bruns
Direct: 808.777.0932

The Crew


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